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What People Are Saying About The Positive Thought Service!

"I am a chaplain at the hospital and appreciate you sending me positive thoughts. Know that I am using them every day. I am enjoying the positive thoughts and it has impacted my spiritual life. May God continue to bless you and your team."   Father Ayub 

"Thank you for creating this resource of positive thoughts during this time of many universal changes. It is hard to keep a positive attitude and outlook. This gives me a place to turn to tune back in. Thank YOU very much."   Dee & Cheryl 

You have made a wonderful and unique service that makes a difference in my life and therefore in the lives of all those around me."    Denise Flood 

"Keep up the great work. The more people that begin to habitually think positive thoughts, the sooner we will have heaven on earth."  Paul Colbert  "What I particularly like about this service is the soothing few minutes away from the hectic side of living." Lauri Cunningham 

"I am enjoying this subscription very much. On several occasions, the daily message seems made for me!" Linda D. Kayne 

"I really look forward to reading these positive thoughts, they start my day! Thanks for a "Positive" way to use the Internet!!:-)."  Carlene Lemay 

"I wanted to say how much I like the positive thoughts. They are short and simple and satisfying. Thank you." Jamie Lear 

"I am enjoying the positive thoughts everyday. I wanted you to know that I read them everyday and when appropriate, I print them out & read them in the morning meetings to the prisoners/addicts who I work with. They also appreciate them alot! Thanks again. Great job."  Carol G. 

"What a lovely idea to have this service for people. I woke up in a dreadful mood, feeling like the world was caving in on me, not knowing what to do next, overwhelmed, and I thought I'd better check my email. Then I got your email and the affirmation was about being safe in the world. I took the time to do the meditation, visualize the difference between how I was feeling and how I felt with the bright light of safety around me and I was blown away at the difference. I was in total fear and overwhelmed, small, hiding, tight. Now I feel open light and safe. I like the part where you have us reflect on different things like that. Thanks for the affirmations, I love them."  Kathryn Swift 

"Thank you so much for this gift you have given to me. It make's me feel peace and love when I need it the most. The meditation part of the page is what I look forward to when I get up in the morning."  Sean Enright

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